Security FAQ

Date last revised: September 10, 2018

Why does SenseEV need my login information?

We need your Tesla username and password to retrieve Tesla authentication and refresh tokens. We use Tesla authentication and refresh tokens to periodically download vehicle information from and update vehicle information to Tesla. By performing this download and update on our servers and sending data to the mobile apps only when vehicle information has changed we preserve mobile device battery life.

How secure is my login information I store in SenseEV?

Your Tesla username and password are *not* saved by SenseEV. Only the Tesla authentication and refresh tokens are saved by SenseEV. These tokens are stored securely in Google Cloud Datastore ( In addition to Google’s multilayer security your password is additionally encrypted with AES-256. We only store the information needed to operate SenseEV.

How can I increase the security of my login information?

You can increase the security of your login information by using a unique password for Tesla. In the unlikely event that your password is compromised a unique password prevents those who know your password from using it to gain access to other sites.

How can I close my SenseEV Account?

To close your SenseEV account send an email to asking to be removed from SenseEV. We will verify your account before deleting your information.


The structure and language of this Security FAQ is based on Mint’s Security FAQ (